Giuseppe Ciaranfi

 Giuseppe Ciaranfi  (1838 Pistoia – 1902 Florence)

A Declaration of Love (Una Dicharazione D'Amore)

Material: Oil on canvas
Dimension: 67 x 50 cm
Frame: Yes

Price on request

Giuseppe Ciaranfi was an Italian Painter from Pistoia in Italy. Ciaranfi was a student of the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence. As a student, he studied under Enrico Pollastrini. Among his works is a painting of Benedetto Varchi Reads. He had a lot of pupils. For example Alfredo Müller, Cesare Laurenti, Augusto Bastianini,  Angiolo Tommasi and the Bulgarian artist Anton Mitov.

One of Giuseppe Ciaranfi's 1862 painting Benedetto Varchi che Legge l'istoria Fiorentina a Cosimo De'Medici  is shown at the Galleria d'Arte Moderna in Florence, Italy.

Una Dichiarazione D'Amore

A rare painting by the Italian Artist Giuseppe Ciaranfi. He shows here a pair of lovers dressed in the typical robe of the Italian Campagna. The young beauty leaning against the wall of the house seems to be distant from the young man’s gratitude, which almost desperately holds her arm. Ciaranfi chooses rich and vigorous colors, he skillfully transforms the treatment of various surfaces such as the fabric of the garment, the stone wall, or the delicate skin of the depicted. The academically trained style of the artist can be recognized here.


The lithograph (Una Dicharazione D'Amore) after this painting is at the Kunsthistorisches Institut in Florence.



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