Adolf Stademann

Adolf Stademann (Munich, 1824-1895)

Winter Scene

Material: Oil on panel
Dimension: 15 x 13 cm
Frame: Yes

Price on request

Ferdinand von Stademann

Adolf Stademan was the son of Ferdinand von Stademann (*1791 in Berlin). Ferdinand moved to Munich in 1812 and went to Greece in 1832. There he was a Government Councilor and secret secretary along with King Otto. There, Ferdinand von Stademann – who also worked as a drawer and lithographer – later finished his most known painting Panaroma Of Athens.

Early Years

He first attended high school, then worked for some time in forestry. Finally, he studied at the Academy of Fine Arts Munich; His teachers were the romantic landscape and architecture painter Carl August Lebschée (1800-1877) and the painter, printmaker Moritz Eduard Lotze (1809-1890).

Winter landscapes

From the beginning Stademann preferred to paint rural scenes and landscapes. Of great influence were especially the poetic nocturnal scenes of Eduard Schleich the Elder (1812-1874). Added to this was the influence of the great Dutch landscape painting of the Golden Age, the 17th century - his favorite and most successful theme, the atmospheric winter landscapes, in which figures appeared only as staffage, he took over from there.

Evolution to Impressionism

Later he approached, technically, the impressionism; the works from his last years are characterized by a rather loose, raw brush stroke with great care with regard to the lighting effect.

Adolf Stademann died in 1895 in Munich. Several of his works are owned by the Munich Neue Pinakothek Museum.


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